Department of Community and Preventive Dentistry

Dental diseases have been present in the mankind since centuries.  The literature of history and development of dentistry reveals those records of dental treatment and management dates back to the ancient times.  The progression and modernization of civilization had led to change in eating habits of the society at different social levels and hence, in their dental health.  During the 20th century the dental health management has improved gradually in the light of better understanding of the causes of dental diseases.  Based on these scientific findings, the department of community dentistry has gradually evolved to tackle the disease in the communities at its early stages (Prevention is Better than Cure).

The aim of the community dentistry department is to train the dental students to become competent and skilled dentists to prevent and manage the dental disease both at individual and community level in particular.  This preventive approach at community level will lead to reduction in occurrence of dental disease and hence, reduction in drill and fill dentistry as well.


HoD & Asst Professor
Dr Muhammad Ali


Dr Anosha Riaz
Dr Asma Siddique