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Department of Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the first recognized specialty in dentistry. The history of Orthodontics starts back in ancient Rome and Greece. The scope of orthodontics and orthodontic treatment is much wider than only the dentition. It involves creating facial harmony, pleasing profiles, and beautiful smiles.

The specialty of orthodontics includes use of appliances to create or maintain space, treat habits and speech problems, functional appliances to improve jaw relationships as well as comprehensive treatment of dentofacial abnormalities (including cleft lip and palate defects, craniofacial syndromes, and orthognathic surgery), often using fixed appliance systems.

The Department of Orthodontics of CIMS Dental College hopes to make a meaningful contribution to orofacial health both nationally and internationally and become a leader in this discipline of dentistry by striving toward excellence in teaching and training at both under and postgraduate level as this will extend and uplift orthodontic treatment in the private and public sectors.”



HoD & Asst Professor
Dr Zubair Ahmed


Dr Mariam Khalid
Dr Anam Akram