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Admin Branch CMC

Deputy Director Admin
Lt Col Ahsan Subhani (Retd)



  1. CMH Multan Institute of Medical Sciences established in 2015. Initially, administration branch was established for overall supervision and assigned the responsibilities to carryout liaison with various organizations like Ministry of Health, SECP, PMC and UHS etc for initial recognition of the Institute including HR Hiring process, Faculty registration with PM&DC and UHS. On completion of recognition formalities, 1st MBBS batch was also inducted under the umbrella of Administration Branch in 2015.
  2. The responsibilities of training related matters were shifted to CIMS Training Branch in Jan 2016 on establishment of Training Branch. However, Administration / HR related matters remained under the overall responsibility of Administration Branch till year 2021. On establishment of CIMS Dental College in 2022, HR Department shifted under CIMS Secretariat. Mean while, CIMS Administration Branch also divided into two portions, i.e CIMS Medical College and CIMS Dental College.
  3. Role of Administration Branch (CIMS Medical College). Following responsibilities have been assigned:-
    1. Day to day routine administrative functioning.
    2. Correspondence with various Branches / Departments of CIMS Secretariat, CIMS Medical College and CIMS Dental College.
    3. Maintenance of discipline record of administration employees including their attendance / leave.
    4. Welfare / re-habilitation of employees.
    5. Repair / maintenance of all buildings at CIMS main campus and Boys / Girls Hostels including furniture, electrical appliances and vehicles.
    6. Administrative arrangements for conduct of Workshops, Seminars, Student exams etc.
    7. Administrative arrangements for curricular activities like Convocation and White Coat / oath taking Ceremony etc.
    8. Administrative arrangements for co-curricular activities like Sports Gala, Annual Dinner, Declamation, exertion trip and Bake & Sale etc.
    9. Administrative matter of Faculty / Staff accommodation, Boys / Girls hostels including allotment / vacation, repair / maintenance.
    10. Preparation of new furniture of CIMS on self help basis through CIMS carpenter like Office tables, Computer tables, Almirahs etc.
    11. Monitoring of new construction project at CIMS main campus and hostels.