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Combined Military Hospital Multan (CMH)

Affiliated Teaching Hospital CMH Multan

CMH Multan is the affiliated 600 bedded teaching hospital of the College.

Brief History and Milestones

CMH Multan initially known as Multan hospital was built in 1879 and being the oldest hospital of this region has the unique distinction to bring the light of modern medicine to this city of Sufis and Saints. It was then a part of Indian Medical Service (Army). It initially had a British and Indian wing, and due to scarcity of Muslim doctors, it was manned almost entirely by British and Hindu doctors. In 1895, it was placed under Lahore Zone of British Military Command. The First World War beginning in 1914 saw CMH Multan touching new heights of glory. The entire CMH Lahore had been shifted to France for war medical duties, and CMH Multan became the main referral military hospital of this region. It became the first hospital of this area to have an air-strip of its own for quick evacuation of war casualties. The airstrip has since then expanded to become Multan Airport. Shortly after the war, the British and Indian wings of Multan Hospital were unified and the new hospital renamed as Combined Military Hospital Multan under the government instruction number 1343/1918.

CMH Multan was active in World War II as well. Shortly after this war Indian Army Medical Corps was established in 1943 and CMH Multan became a part of this corps. With this, different specialties were created in the hospital.

After the creation of Pakistan, most Hindu and British doctors left CMH Multan, and Major Hasan Din the senior most Muslim doctor here took the command of the hospital. With this, the hospital shifted to its new present location.

Thereafter, CMH Multan started making rapid progress both structurally and professionally. In this process of up-gradation, the hospital gradually attained the position of one of the biggest hospitals of Pakistan Army. It now has a wonderful team of specialists and super specialists and provides Post Graduate FCPS training in almost all specialties. It provides house job training to both military and civilian medical graduates. Its departments are very well equipped and the post graduates trained here have been showing excellent result in FCPS examination. With the establishment of CIMS, CMH Multan being its affiliated teaching hospital is getting another feather in its cap and is now going to impart quality under-graduate clinical training to the students of CIMS.

It is the first hospital of Multan to get ISO Certification and with that the Quality Management System is fully installed.