Human Resource Branch (HR)

Deputy Director Admin
Lt Col Nayyar Abbas (Retd)

Authorize / Holding State of Manpower

Human Resource department will maintain proper record of authorized / held state of manpower of various categories in the light of latest PM&DC / PMC Regulations and CIMS Terms of Reference (TORs) as amended from time to time. Deficiency, if any will be brought in the notice of Deputy Director (Human Resource) for getting necessary decision.

Advertisement of Vacant Posts

Advertisement of vacant posts will be published as per procedure high-lighted in Recruitment Policy, showing all pre-requisites mentioned in PM&DC Regulations and CIMS TORs after getting necessary approval of competent authority. However, following vacant posts will be filled through local candidates and need not to be published in country wide newspapers, instead poster will be installed inside CIMS / Cantonment Premises:-

Lab Attendants / Naib Qasid etc

Security Guards including Supervisors


Sanitary Workers

Maintenance of Waiting Lists Record Register

Proper record of applicants for various posts will be maintained in waiting list record register and all applications will be placed in proper files.

Service Record of Employees

Proper record of service of each employee will be maintained by Human Resource department. Document folio of each employee will be maintained separately consisting following documents / record:-

Photocopies of all education certificates, degrees and experience certificates duly attested.

Letter of Intent

Letter of Agreement / Appointment letter

Complete home address (permanent / temporary) and contact number

Particulars of NOKs alongwith their contact numbers

Photocopies of CNIC of employees / NOKs duly attested

Photo copy of approved minute sheet by competent authority for employment.

Original Police verification / FS Check proforma (if applicable)

Annual evaluation reports of all employees will be placed in personnel file and secrecy of the same will be ensured.

Prom / Incentive

Prom / incentive cases of faculty / staff will be processed to CA by HR Dept in the light of SOPs on the subject.

Inter Department Posting / Adjustment

For better training of CIMS staff and adjustment of surplus manpower, inter department transfer will be carried out after getting approval of CA and proper record will be maintained accordingly.

Discipline Record

Proper discipline record register of all employees will be maintained and disciplinary evidences will be placed with the document folio of the respective employee.

Attendance / Leave Records

Proper record of attendance / leave will be maintained centrally by Human Resource department as per leave SOP of the Institute.

Issue / Withdrawal of Employee Service Card

Proper record of employee’s service card issue / withdrawal will be maintained in the register as per SOP on the Subject already issued in year 2015 and amended from time to time.