Principal CIMS Dental College

Col. Dr. Dil Rasheed

It is my immense pleasure to welcome you all to CIMS Dental College Multan. I congratulate you on choosing to be a part of this exciting world of healing and teaching.

At CIMS Dental College, we provide an environment that fosters innovation, discovery, and research, an environment that makes it possible to achieve all these ventures for the benefit of the patients in the community of Southern Punjab. Our outstanding faculty works closely with our patients and students. It supports diversity in thinking and encourages innovative, alternative approaches to issues.

The future of the dentistry looks promising with the integration of the latest cutting-edge technology and imaging systems which will enable better diagnosis and treatment delivery, making the practice of dentistry even more rewarding and exciting than it is today.

I am sure with a keenness to learn and following the rules and regulations, you can bring laurels to this institution both Nationally & Internationally. We expect that our students grow into caring and courteous dental surgeons who can express their views cogently, and listen well to others which reflects not only their professionally sound knowledge but moral & ethical values. May Allah guide you and help you in this endeavour.

I feel proud to lead this institute and hope all of you at CDC share this pride and play your roles in materializing the dream of making this college the premier dental institution in our country.

Pakistan Zindabad !

Best Regards,

Col. Dr. Dil Rasheed  


CIMS Dental College