1. Back Grounds. CMH Multan Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS) Multan Cantt is an education project of 2 Corps Multan. It was established in 2015 and First MBBS Batch of 100 x students inducted in Dec 2015. Induction of MBBS students enhanced from 100 to 150 in Mar 2021.

2.         During year 2020, construction of building and procurement of infrastructure for establishment CIMS Dental College was completed. However, induction of BDS Students in Dec 2020 / Jan 2021 could not be materialized due to dissolution of PM&DC and surge of COVID-19 wave. On recognization of CIMS Dental Sec, 1st batch of 50 x students was inducted in Nov 2021.

3.  CIMS Secretariate During year 2021, competant auth decided to establish CIMS Secretariate which is meant to manage combined administrative, training and financial matters of both echelon i.e CIMS Medical College and CIMS DentalSection. Brigadier (Trial) Additional 2 Corps appointed as Chief Operating Officer (COO) / Head of the Institute under Board of Governors. Following departments / branches placed under command CIMS Secretariate:-

            a.         Coord Branch, established in 2021

            b.         Finance Branch

            c.         Procurement Branch

            d.         Exam Branch

            e.         IT Department

            f.          Security Department

            g.         HR Department