Department of Medical Education (DME)

Department of Medical Sciences (DME)

Dept. of Medical Education (DME) is essentially the educational think tank and the guardian of standards and quality of academic activities at CIMS Multan (CMC & CDC). It is considered the expert resource of curriculum delivery and course management. It is the primary function of DME to establish a culture of constructive alignment among the academic content, teaching-learning strategies, and assessments for all disciplines, leading to an integrated approach to curriculum delivery.

DME carries a monumental advisory role for integration and collaboration among all basic and clinical sciences departments but is also responsible for moderation and pre-HOC analysis of all in-house assessments via its’ Assessment Unit, in collaboration with the CIMS Exam Branch.

The DME team includes a group of advisors from among the CMC and CDC faculty who meet up regularly to plan, execute and evaluate the DME activities.

DME subdivisions: 

Head of Dept./ DD Trg

Dr. Attia Sheikh
Asst. Prof. Medical Education

(MBBS. Adv Dip. in H.P.E (AKU), MHPE (RIU))

Executive Team Members

Assoc Prof. Oral Pathology

Dr Naveed Ahmed Khawaja


Asst Prof. Paedodontics

Dr Kausar Parveen


Asst Prof. Physiology

Dr Sidra Arshad

(MBBS, FCPS (Physiology), ICMT-CHPE)

Asst Prof. Anatomy

Dr Muhammad Ali Rabbani